IX Konferencja ECIE, Belfast, 18-19.09.2014.

Created on Wednesday, 19 February 2014

 IX Konferencja ECIE odbędzie się w dniach 18-19.09.2014 w Belfaście w Irlandii.

Conference Co-Chairs:

Brendan Galbraith, University of Ulster, Belfast, UK and Professor Ken O'Neill and Professor Jackie McCoy, School of Social Enterprises Ireland.

Programme Co-Chairs:

Prof Paul Humphreys and Brendan Galbraith, University of Ulster, Belfast, UK

Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Roberto Santoro (Italy) President of the European Society of Concurrent Engineering Network (ESoCE Net)


“PEOPLE OLYMPICS FOR HEALTHY and ACTIVE LIVING”: A People Driven Social Innovation Platform   

Micheal Pyner, Social Entrepreneur and Creative Advisor


"Innovating for Community Good"    

Dwi Larso, School of Business and Management (SBM), Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung - Indonesia.


“Social Innovation through Entrepreneurship Education”


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